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What Chain Link Conference Info Do You Want?


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I leave home bright and early Tuesday morning to drive up to CGOA's Chain Link conference in Indianapolis. I'll drive back home the following Monday.


Is there any information you'd like me to bring back from the conference?


Any photos you want me to take?


Any questions you want me to ask of particular crochet designers?


Any questions you want me to ask of CGOA members?



Let me know of anything you'd like me to do at the conference that I can report back on here.

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Hi Amy.  Hope you had fun.


I was suppoed to go last week.  Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital instead.  I'm OK now; just got out today.  But I want to know everything that I missed. 


Talk about lousy timing, because I've been looking forward to this since I learned it was less than two hours from home.  Hoping it comes back to Indianapolis...or closer.

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I'm so sorry you had to miss the conference, and so glad you're okay now.


I'll be writing several different posts about what happened at the conference. It was a terrific amount of fun! I encourage everyone who can to try to make it to the conference in Charlotte/Concord, NC in October.

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