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  1. Looks good. I decided to work on the sleeves, and they're done. I just did the simple single crochet edge on them. I tried the scallops for a few stitches and I didn't like how they looked. Single crochet looks cool. Hope I have enough yarn. I'm making the 3X size and it called for 1,400 yards. I bought the last six hanks of Cascade Sunseeker in crimson at my LYS. At 237 yards a hank, that's 1,422 yards. However, I made the sleeves a little shorter than what the pattern called for. I only did the sleeve repeats twice instead of three times. i wanted the shorter sleeves anyway.
  2. I was supposed to go to Indianapolis too. Unfortunately, blood clots in my leg and lung sent me to the hospital for a week I'm OK now; got out today. Spent a lot of time on the sweater. Too much. I had to frog nearly the entire yoke because it looked wonky. I had an increase somewhere where I shouldn't have. Guess I shouldn't try crocheting when I'm feeling woozy. (Which I was the couple of days prior to my collapse last Tuesday). I'm caught up now, and I just completed the armholes. I think I'm going to work in pattern for a few rows before shaping the bust. I don't think I'm going to do much, if any, waist shaping.
  3. Hi Amy. Hope you had fun. I was suppoed to go last week. Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital instead. I'm OK now; just got out today. But I want to know everything that I missed. Talk about lousy timing, because I've been looking forward to this since I learned it was less than two hours from home. Hoping it comes back to Indianapolis...or closer.
  4. I've been flipping back and forth about buying the video, and I decided to get it. Probably won't start on the sweater for a while. I'm going to Indianapolis next week for the Knit and Crochet Show, and I'll probably try to look for a yarn there. Or I may see if the Cascade yarn is at my LYS tomorrow. I'm off work tomorrow, but DH also took the day off. So I need to sneak out on my own. Decisions, decisions. Can't wait to view the video and start this.
  5. Didn't think about using the fsc. i love the fsc, and hate crocheting directly into chains. FSC works, because the last row is SC all around anyway. Oh, and one bit of advice which goes for all crochet projects. When your project involves a lot fo stitch counting, and you're baby sitting your grandchild, don't put on a video called "Adventures in Wonderland." My four-year-old granddaughter counted along with the Leap Frog animals...at the same time as I was attempting to count clusters.
  6. I've just completed row 4. I agree with everyone, this seems to be a little short. However, i checked my gauge after row 2, and I'm right at gauge for the height, and slightly below it for the length. i'm using a size K Clover Light Up hook. The Clover hooks seem to crochet larger than other hooks. So my Clover K would be about a Boye L. I'm using Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" sparkle yarn in black. And I love the sparkle and shimmer to it. If this piece turns out, this shawl is going to be beautiful. I did a swatch using my original choice...HL's "I Love This Cotton," also in a black sparkle. But I could immediately tell it wasn't going to work. I still think I'll make a vest or shawl using it...but it won't be a lacy piece.
  7. Looked at row 1 again, and i realized the reason why i couldn't crochet into the last stitch wasn't because the stitch unraveled..it was because it wasn't there. Apparently, I shouldn't have made an increase in the third last chain. In other words, you leave the third last chain alone, the second last chain is a shell, and the last chain is a DH. Back to square 1. But now, I think I know what I'm doing. BTW, I wouldn't consider this a beginners pattern. Maybe an advanced beginners. I've been crocheting since the early 70s, and I'm still having problems.
  8. I thought the start date was yesterday. Semi-started the Graceful Shawl yesterday. I said semi-started, because I had to frog the entire thing after the first row. When you start your shawl, y'all have to crochet the first three chains very loosely. When you crochet back to the first few chains (which will be the last chain you get to in the first row): You crochet 12 stitches (two complete shells) in the third to the last chain. You crochet 6 stitches (one shell) in the second to the last chain. You crochet 1 DC in the last chain. By the time I got to the last chain, the weight of the stitches in the past two chains is so great, that the last chain unraveled. So I didn't have a chain for my last stitch.
  9. After several days, still a three way tie. Can't wait to see what the winning shawl will be. Probably go to Hobby Lobby on Saturday to get the yarn. I was there today, and found the perfect yarn for a wrap. I need a new shawl or wrap.
  10. Summer camp in the early 1970s (I think 1972). I would have been 13 then. The camp was run by the Ursuline nuns, and I was taught by one of the dear nuns (I wish I remembered her name). I am forever in her debt. It wasn't until several years ago that I read that the Ursuline nuns were partly responsible for the spread of crochet throughout the world (I think in Debbie Stoller's "Stitch n Bitch...the Happy Hooker).
  11. YEA!!!! The Knit and Crochet Show is finally coming close to me. Indianapolis is only a two hour drive for me, so I'll come up for a couple of days. This will actually be my second show. I was at Manchester about five years ago when my daughter worked for the airlines and I flew up for free. But this will be my first trip since then. Couple of questions. 1) When does registration begin? I want to make sure I get the classes I want. And in particular, i want to make sure I get into the Sheraton. At Manchester, i was too late to get the main hotel, so I had to be shuttled back from about ten minutes away. 2) Is there a call for roommates? I'm going solo, and I'm not sure I can justify a single rate for more than a night. With a roommate, I could probably stay two, or even three nights.
  12. I worked six hours today, then took my 4 year old granddaughter to HL and the specialty market (Jungle Jim's). Got the yarn, so I should be OK for a while. Needed the grandma/granddaughter interaction.
  13. Well, as promised, here is my WIP for my daughter's wedding present. The square was designed by the legendary Rita Weiss, called "Rose Garden." However, I'm not using her suggested colors of red, green and yellow. Instead, I had a lot of "I Love This Yarn" sparkle yarn in Royalty Blue and Peacock Green in my stash. However, I'm running low on the Peacock, and my local Hobby Lobby has it on backorder. Dilemma. Should I wait for my Hobby Lobby to get it in (I could work the first half of the squares). Or, do I head to the Hobby Lobby 20 miles away (they do have several skeins). If I do that, I can head next door to the specialty supermarket to buy some seafood (have a redfish recipe I want to try). I'd have to go tomorrow since HL is closed on Sundays. And I'll miss out on some overtime. Like I said, it's a dilemma.
  14. I'm also jumping in. I am trying to get an afghan done for my eldest daughter's wedding this May. Don't know if I'll get it done by then. Working a lot of overtime at work (great money), so it does not give me a lot of free time. I'll post pictures soon.
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