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Seeking 2-3 Testers for the Scrubbin' Octopus


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Hi All,

I'm needing a few testers for my scrubbing octopus. It looks like a toy but low and behold, turn it inside out and you have a scrubby. :-)


If you're interested in testing this pattern please pm me and include your email address. I'll let everyone know by noon if you have been chosen as a tester or not. Please don't hesitate to pm me though!!




Octopus Body - 1 Ball Peaches & Cream Sweet Pea Stripes (2 oz/ 95 yds)

Approx 5 yards of Nylon Netting (or Tulle if you want to make a bath scrubber)

Size "H" Hook and “I” Hook

Tapestry Needle

Stitch Markers


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