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    I'm a 25 year old mother/wife/knitter/crocheter who just can't get enough of all things Yarn.
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Riding my Horse.
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    Hat's, Dishcloths, basically anything that can be made quickly.
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  1. Looking for 2-3 people that can test this design for me in the next day or 2 preferably. Materials: 150-200 Yards of worsted weight yarn (the amount of yarn used changes if you make the cuff longer or shorter) F and G hook Tapestry Needle Please message me with your email address and level of experience testing patterns. I'll choose testers by this evening.
  2. I need a few testers for my newest baby hat pattern. It's worked in Dc, FpDc, BpDc and Sc. There are 2 sizes available. I've attached the pattern to this post. You will need a "G" or "H" hook and about 2 ounces of Soft Worsted Weight Yarn. This pattern was released on Ravelry but I was very tired last night when I was working through it so it's possible I missed something. If you find an error please message me.
  3. I'm so sorry. I was writing this while trying to get stuff ready for a yard sale tomorrow so my brain was processing about a million things a minute. The coupon code is: dollaroff (not very creative, I know. lol It was easy and didn't require much thought).
  4. I need some new stitch markers to use when I design so I'm having a sale. $1.00 off any of my patterns in my Ravelry Shop. Coupon code takes $1.00 off per order so if you buy more than 1 pattern you can use the coupon code multiple times. The coupon code is: dollaroff
  5. I'm sorry. I misunderstood your question. My hammock has 3 foot long ties so the photographer to tie it to something or have the parents hold the ties. The photog chose the color. I think she made a super awesome choice. She really wanted something that could be used multiple ways and for either sex. I plan on making a ceiling one soon for all my sons stuffed toys. It will be much bigger of course. He's got quite a few stuffed toys and they're just cluttering the floor in his small bedroom.
  6. There's a sort of pocket crocheted into the hammock. It's made with increases at first and then decreases. It's pretty secure.
  7. I'm looking for 2 testers that would be able to complete a baby hammock in the next week. Project takes about 2 1/2 hours and requires about 1.5 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun and a K hook. Compensation for testing this pattern will be a finished copy when testing is complete. If you are interested in testing please private message me with you EMAIL ADDRESS. If you are chosen to test this pattern I will email you the pattern.
  8. Just finished this early this afternoon. A local photographer was looking for some props for her newborn photo shoots and got a hold of me. This was SUPER fun to work with. Used just a little over 1 skein of Homespun yarn. Loved how it turned out so much I wrote up the pattern for it this morning. Will definitely be making more of them.
  9. The patterns were released last week. I want to design another dishcloth soon. I'll keep you in mind (you might have to send me a friendly reminder. lol). :-D
  10. I was very motivated to get all of them done. I really needed the money from the dish cloth orders to buy a gift for my hubby. It was our 1 year anniversary on the 26th. :-) Thanks to the really large order I even had a little extra to buy something for myself and Daniel.
  11. That one was made with the Self Striping cotton. The square one was a little tricky. I didn't have enough of that yarn left to complete it so I just used the colored sections of that yarn and substituted a cream cotton yarn for the lighter stripe. Worked very well and helped stretch the ball of striping cotton. :-)
  12. Over the last 6 days I have crocheted over 30 dish cloths for orders and for gifts. Here are a few photos of most of those dish cloths: There are a couple of sets missing because I somehow forgot to get pictures of them. I love how these sets worked up and I know my customers loved them. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to make a couple of dishcloths today and drive my 6 day total up further or give myself a break. The round dish cloth is my design. The pattern can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pretty-petals-dishcloth
  13. I don't mind at all. Have at it!!! :-)
  14. My newest dishcloth patterns have just been released. You can find them here: Pretty Petals and Petals Galore There is a coupon code for $1.00 off any one of my other dishcloth patterns as well. That coupon code is: dishcloths
  15. These patterns are now available: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/duo-of-dishcloth-patterns Thank you so much to all of my pattern testers. You were all wonderful.
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