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  1. Beautiful! He did a great job
  2. It turned out beautiful! And your kitties are excellent photo props
  3. Nope, not worked in panels it's done in rows. But the variety keeps your attention and helps prevent boredom.
  4. It is finished, the border is worked only on the top and bottom. I just couldn't get my camera to focus well. When I tried to get a pic of the whole thing it would go blurry around the edges. It's this pattern.
  5. I snapped a pic of my afghan but it's not very clear. I am a lousy photographer, lol! I started to work on a Marcelle afghan
  6. I would love to join! In joining last year I discovered that I LOVE to make afghans. I just finished the aran hearts throw from the red heart website but I'm waiting until morning to get a pic for better light. Not sure which afghan to start next...
  7. You did a wonderful job! I love crochet play food for kids. When it gets grungy it can just be tossed into the washer, no having to wipe each piece down individually
  8. Have you called Mary Maxim? I have heard that sometimes they will sell the pattern separate from the kit if the kit is backordered. It might be worth a try.
  9. Those are wonderful! You are so speedy with your hooks!
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