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Etsy bargain


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I just ran across this Etsy sale on Crochet Supplies and thought I would pass it along:



She has crochet thread for $1 a ball and a lot of dolls for $1 -- unbelievable when you see how much she has in the lot. 15 11' dolls and several others of varying sizes. Even some kewpie doll that are impossible to find nowadays. They are all in packages too.


She has all sorts of crafting supplies. Must have bought out a shop or maybe she had one. I would have grabbed those dolls in a heart beat if they had been 13" dolls. I want some of them cheap. I even thought about trying to adapt the 13" doll patterns I have but finally decided to hold out for what I am looking for. :) It will come in time.


There are some terrific buys on her site. If you craft to sell -- this might be just the thing for you! I do not know her or have any connection. Just saw a good deal.

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