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I posted my questions in a different place, because I had not seen this area.

I am going to be in my first ever craft fair this fall. The first weekend of deer season of course.

My question is this: What do I charge for my items? I know the rule of 3 X the amount spent on yarn, but so much of my yarn was given to me. It is expensive yarn, but I paid nothing for it. Do I then just charge like a labor fee?

Thanks for the Help.


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Charge the same whether you are given the yarn or if you buy it. It still has the same value! If you only charge for labor for an item with gifted yarn, what will you do when a customer wants you to make another one? You can't charge the same if you have to buy yarn. So, just set your prices like you paid full price for all of your yarn. Even sales just means a little better profit margin. But you can't always count on a sale, so use full price in setting the selling price.


I don't think 3 times the yarn price will always be right either. Good starting point but you may have to add or subtract depending on difficulty factors, pattern costs, embellishments, and what the market will bear. There is a Facebook Site called yardsellr and they have a Crochet Block. You can get an idea of some usual prices there. Another place is etsy.com. You can see what others are selling their items for. Then you can adjust for your area. I live in the Florida panhandle and prices tend to be less here. Lots of people crochet and the economy is not good. But other places could probably get twice what a seller here could.

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