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If you were to start a crochet circle...

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Just to update, I have been there three times and had only one or two come to crochet. One was a young woman who was left-handed, and sadly we could not get past the slip knot on the hook! I felt like a terrible teacher, BUT I think she will come again. Another was a little girl who lost interest after a time. I have not lost hope though, and I enjoy that built-in time to get my own projects done! :)


Hang in there! If you are crocheting in a place where people see you, and you have a flyer up, I think you will eventually be able to build membership. Are there quite a few people coming and going thru your meeting place?


When the left-handed person comes back, there are some resources you might want to share w/ her. CrochetSpot http://www.crochetspot.com/how-to-crochet/ has photos that reverse when you mouse over them to show the left-handed position; see the 4 things on that page under Basic Crochet Sttiches. i'm not sure if there are other reversible photos on the site, but you might look around, and Rachel is a member here under the Crochetspot name. So if you have a laptop you can take to the meeting with you, you could show her those, or at least give her the web address. Also the book Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet has photos for left and right handed for many sttiches; if you don't have the book you could check it out of the library.

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