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TERRIFIC Yarn Sale June 4th & 5th, Walnut Creek, CA

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The owner of Fashion-Knit, a yarn store in Walnut Creek, CA (S.F. Bay Area), had a brilliant and inspired idea for a sale last weekend.


She asked yarn-workers (knitters, crocheters, spinners, rug hookers, etc.) to package up their no-longer-wanted yarns, patterns, books, etc., and give them a price. She would organize a "Yarn Garage Sale" in the empty offices next door to her shop.


I went on Monday, Memorial Day. Here are some examples of what I purchased, and the prices I paid:


Brown Sheep "Burley Spun" 100% U.S. wool yarn: reg. $25/skein; paid $10


Crystal Palace "Iceland" 100% wool yarn: reg. $12/skein; paid $5


a bag of "Browns": a crammed-full ziplock of hand-dyed yarn, a full skein of LionBrand Wool Ease, two 4-oz. skeins of Condon (Canada) 2-ply 100% wool yarn, and a small ball of fun yarn, all for $5


and on and on and on. I filled up two shopping bags worth of baby yarns for a community-service group I crochet with. Good-quality baby yarns jammed tightly into those two shopping bags for $37. Several POUNDS of yarn; we'll be set for a year or more!


I also purchased a hardback book, Classic British Knits, for $8.00 (orig. published in 1986 for $19.95). The photos alone were worth it, but there are pages and pages of historical info about wool, specific regions of the UK, how/why garments were made the way they were, etc. Information of interest to both knitters *and* crocheters.


The shop owner has asked for *even more* yarn for this coming weekend, so there will be *even more* incredible bargains of quality yarns in Walnut Creek, just waiting for you! There were six former medical offices and one hallway with folding church picnic-style tables full of bags of yarn, plus crates on the floors, plus a revolving book display of books and patterns. And that was two days ago.


Who knows how much more stuff will be available this coming weekend??? WOW!


Shopping hours: Saturday, June 4, from 10:30 to 5:00

and Sunday, June 5, from 12:00 to 4:00


(Of course, if you live close enough, you might want to contribute yarn and earn a store credit for newer, "funner" stuff!)



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::darn:: I used to live in Fairfield....wish I was there for the sale...you have fun !!!

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