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  1. eBay...Ravelry destash...it's all good and addictive !!!
  2. yeah..a little longer and maybe a little fatter for smaller fingers...that would make it look more 'cartoon' like...it's great looking though !!!
  3. Hi from n.w. FL...nice to see another yarnoholic !!!
  4. Congrats !!! I can believe someone stole your art, cause it happens all the time...but remember, what goes around comes around and something will happen to the person who stole from you and it won't be nice...
  5. you want some good yarn...Ravelry's destashers group...I've gotten some GREAT bargains on some wonderful yarn.
  6. I use a swift or my elect ball winder...then I put them on my knit-spin or in my nifty new handmade wooden yarn bowl...
  7. you've never been around the military ??? they used to have words for their uniforms that you would not believe...I told my husband if he EVER called his 'cap' that word when I was around I was gonna slug him...he said he was told to call it that and I said the military doesn't live with me...they had nasty names for airplanes, food, you name it, it has a nasty name to go with it's real one...I think sometimes people don't use what brains they have, they think it's 'cute', 'funny', 'trendy'...I'm all for a LOT of things, but calling things nasty names isn't one of them... So I'm with you !!!
  8. totally...it's mostly the colors that will make it 'retro'...lime, hot pink/blue/yellow/purple..
  9. Hi...welcome... My sister lives in Beverton...she has two furries too...mutt's and she belongs to the Terrier shelter (where she got her dogs) if you go to the Terrier shelter or PetSmart (for dog adoption day) you may have seen her there... I'll be visiting in Oct. ( go for a week, we visit, we buy, eat, drive all over and then I come home, before we drive each other crazy...)
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