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OPEN: Busy Bunz Wool Soaker

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I am looking for a tester for my new wool soaker called the Busy Bunz Super-fit Soaker.


Here is the information:

With its original buttoned belt closure, its extra super stretchy back-loop-only construction, and its no-dig leg cuffs design, this wool soaker truly is a super fit for any baby. The buttoned belt closure means that toddlers won’t be untying a cord and pulling it out (guess how I know they do this!). The back-loop-only construction allows the soaker to stretch to fit many sizes of babies, meaning that you will only need to make two sizes, instead of three or four. And unlike patterns that have leg cuffs which join on the sides of a row, these back-loop-only leg cuffs are worked straight off actual stitches and do not pull at the point of joining. Plus, it’s easy to crochet and super cute on those adorable little cloth-diapered bums!


Craft(s): Crochet

Number of Testers: 5


Two with a 9-11mo model

One with 16-20mo model

Two with over 2yo model


Sizes: Large (Approx. 9months - 2.5 years) - I only have this size available at the moment. Will be working on the small soon.


Approximate Hours to Complete: 2-4 (Just guessing!)


Deadline: 31st May 2011


Tools needed: 5mm, US H


Gauge: 4 dc rows = 2” 7 dc stitches = 2” Just fyi, I measured on the center back, toward the top. Because the soaker naturally shapes, the gauge can be a little bigger half way down the soaker and a little smaller toward the top and bottom as you begin the hdc stitches.


Materials needed: Malabrigo Worsted 100% Merino Wool - 1x 100g hank. If you need to substitute, please mention it up front.


Pattern Difficulty: Advanced beginner, though I believe a beginner would do just fine, perhaps with a little help along the way.


Formats Available: PDF


Pattern Style: Full pattern


Will accept inexperienced testers? Yes.

Need digital photo of FO? Yes, modeled please. And state age of model.


Comments and questions should be posted: Questions, comments, and photos can be posted in the thread.


Testing needs:


I am looking for pattern corrections as well as how the FO fits on a variety of aged babies from 9 months to 2.5 years. Initial tests, on friends’ children, have successfully tested 11 months, 18 months, and 2 years 3 months, all with this same large-size design. I want to see if this carries through with others.


I want to make sure that the tricky bits, such as sewing up and connecting leg cuffs and waistband are written as simply and as easy-to-understand as possible.


The leg cuff should not pull at the point of connection. I want to make sure that others achieve this as well.


Note: I apologize for the limited pictures (I should say “picture”). There are other picture place holders in the pattern, please just ignore those.


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