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TESTERS FOUND: Handheld Game System & Game Case


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Hi! I am seeking 3 testers for a Handheld Game System & Game Case. I will select pattern testers based on previous testing experience, ability to complete test and return feedback by Sunday, April 10th at 12:00 pm (noon) CST.


If you are not selected it doesn't mean you are not qualified, it may mean others responded before you. Those selected to complete pattern testing will be notified and receive the pattern by 5:00 pm Monday, April 4, 2011.


This is not a beginner pattern, but is not difficult. I need the people testing to be very detail oriented and think along lines of a beginner.


I require that you provide me with corrections, feedback, and pics of the finished product. Testing will need to be completed by 12:00 pm (noon), Sunday, April 10th.


Please pm me if you are interested in testing. Thank you!


Supplies needed:

WW Yarn

ü8 oz. Main Color (A)

ü4 oz. Coordinating Color (B)

6 stitch markers

Metal yarn needle



Crochet Hooks Size: H

Row/Stitch counter

Button – 1”

Sewing Needle

Coordinating Thread

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