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  1. If you still need someone I would love to test for you. Sent you a pm Kath
  2. You did a great job! Don't you just love this ghans....Its amazing how a bunch of scraps turn into a beautiful project. I love making these for our homeless because they are so warm and kind of remind me of a free form quilt. Our group makes quite a few of them. They are also great for children because they DO love their colors!
  3. Your ghan is gorgeous! I love the bright colors and the difference in patterns. It came out beautifully!
  4. Love this pattern! Thanks again for letting me test:hook Pic came out funny You'd think with the cost of this puter I'd get a good camera but nooooo
  5. woomba

    Hip Hip Hippo

    Real cutie! Great job.
  6. Cute ... brings a real smile to my face.
  7. I just love how this turned out...I had some pretty blah green and pale yellow yarn and mixed it with a pale beige mohair and this is what I came out with. It turned out so soft and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it looks. Scarf is approx 76"long. This is for charity in Australia. Thank you for looking
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