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Left handed child

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As a true lefty....I do everything with my left hand....please don't teach her right handed.....how would all of you righties like to be told to do something with your non dominate hand? It is true that most of us lefties have to compensate and use our right hands....but, I haven't found life to be all that frustrating.....take the time and try to teach her with her left hand...there are resources out there for left handers...youtube has left handed videos. If she has the desire, she will find what is easier to her.


As far as patterns being written mainly for righties???? I crochet a pattern as written and have never had to adjust anything.


:cheer:cheerI agree whole heartedly Im a lefty and my grandma had me sit in front of her and copy what she was doing i picked it up very fast and i have never put it down.(I was 9):cheer:cheer

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