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Hello my name is Amineko book is out!


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It's out and it's in my hands! :manyheart I pre ordered it a couple months ago and it came today yippie! The photos are spectacular.


It is Nekoyama's second book, this one is in English. Her first was in Japanese and has always been unavailable on Amazon or other book sites/shops any time I try to find it.


This one is perfect! It has the Amineko pattern in English. It's written in more of a table format, rather than written out wordy. There's no chart but you can find the crochet diagram chart (whatever you call it) on her website for free if that's how you crochet best.


It has lots of fun photos of aminekos in different poses, cute little storyline among sets of photos too. The pattern is in there as well as patterns for some accessories. Bedding, funny fish pillows, clothes, a cute little snuggle bag heehee. The accessories are sewn, and the kitty is crochet.


There's a cute section on facial expressions, info on how to put your kitty together, examples on cute poses, suggestions on size vs yarn weight too.


An amineko is a crochet kitty. I've made a couple before using her website pattern, back when it was only in Japanese and I used google translator to read it. She has it in english on there too now, so you don't have to buy the book in order to make a kitty for yourself. But the book is super cute, I just love it. Definitely worth getting it!


One of my favorite photos is the kitty sitting by a keyboard and if you look closely, it's a Japanese keyboard :manyheart

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