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  1. Thank you so very much to my FGM for sending me the most dainty and lovely travel tissue cozy, it is beautiful! She also sent me some Wool Ease that I just love! Thank you so very much, FGM!
  2. Thank you This was fun, can't wait for the next KISS type swaps yay!
  3. Hehe thank you! This was fun, I like the KISS swaps a whole lot. There's way less pressure because I just don't know (on other swaps) should I send more, will my partner be sad if I don't send along extra things? Yay for KISS hehe
  4. Yippie! Cute photo Tampadoll! So glad you like it I love your models next to it too hehe. Now you can check my Flickr and see who posed with yours before mailing out hehe. I still have him set up like he was int he photo I took of the one you sent me. Have to get kleenex out very carefullyhehehe
  5. Yippie! Out for delivery, TampaDoll!
  6. hehe yay! That's Berry, the Amineko TampaDoll did so good on the cozy, it makes me smile ever time I walk in there and see it
  7. Yippie it's here! I love it so much, thank you It looks super cute on the shelf over the couch too! Thank you for sending me the pattern print out too, I'll definitely give it a try. I think my mother in law could use a kleenex cozy whether she realizes it or not! hehe! Wahhooo yours has a projected day of Nov 8th for delivery!
  8. OH YAY! I'll stop by the post office after the thrift store trip! I went back in yesterday and took my envelopes and griped a little, they were super great about it. They're not sure what the deal was, but said that not to worry.. since I'm in there all the time they'll not send anything back. She said she did find it odd that according to the packages I hadn't been in for that long. The other one said "Yeah she has, she was in a few days ago asking about any mail because she hadn't gotten any in a few days!" So the postmistress will talk to the one guy, he's been real great lately but I guess maybe he stuck my slips in someone elses box until the other day maybe hehe! It's kind of fun to be recognized as a regular haha
  9. Your carrot cake TP cozy is so cute and funny
  10. Yay! TampaDoll, yours went out today I am so frustrated with our post office today. I checked my box on the 29th, and again on the 1st. (Before/after our vacation weekend) All I had was some spam from Strayer Uni. Today I go in to mail a few things and I've got an armload waiting! She's all "Well it's second notice, good thing you came in!" Some stuff arrived on the 26th! I kept asking, "Are you sure there's no mail?" UGH! I'm peeved. I think on Monday I'll go back in and gripe. Postmistress is the one who gave me my mail and I assured her repeatedly that we had checked the box and had no mail. So she sighed and grumbled, (not at me) but just that she'd "talk to him". Half this stuff I picked up today was about to be sent back to the sender soon. That would make me so mad I'd probably cry. I think the one dude was putting my pink slips in someone elses box.
  11. Yay cannot wait I have TampaDoll's done too, need to get my mail gathered to go out this weekend.
  12. Yay, started on my project already
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