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New at spinning


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I bought my first wheel a Kromski Prelude, a very pretty one too and not a bad price. I have been spinning now for a couple of months and have just fell in love with this new hobby. But I have a question. I decided to dye some of my wool, the wool that I am using at this time is Corriedale, have some new on the way and it is Wensleydale. Anyway back to my question, the wool after I dyed it become hard to work with, I wonder what I did wrong in the dyeing process. Or after I dyed it should I have carded it again to make it more easier to work with? I used the kool-aid method of dyeing the wool. Made a beautiful blue, I'm just bummed that I can't spin it. Thank you for any help.



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You may have slightly felted the Corrie when you dyed it or perhaps it is just condensed.


Let it soak in some warm water that has hair conditioner added to it. Do not agitate the wool, do not wring it out!


As it is drying, separate the fibers both length and width ways to help fluff it up. You could recard it, but only after you fluff up the fibers.

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