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    I'm 46 married to my soulmate of many years. Two sons, four grandsons, a little girl on the way.
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    Dolls, afghans, and at this time baby girl stuff
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  1. I bought my first wheel a Kromski Prelude, a very pretty one too and not a bad price. I have been spinning now for a couple of months and have just fell in love with this new hobby. But I have a question. I decided to dye some of my wool, the wool that I am using at this time is Corriedale, have some new on the way and it is Wensleydale. Anyway back to my question, the wool after I dyed it become hard to work with, I wonder what I did wrong in the dyeing process. Or after I dyed it should I have carded it again to make it more easier to work with? I used the kool-aid method of dyeing the wool. Made a beautiful blue, I'm just bummed that I can't spin it. Thank you for any help. Blessings Kitchenwitch
  2. Oh my goodness Tampa, your dolls are awesome. When I grow up I want to be like you lol. To be honest those are the first dolls I ever did. I have been crocheting for years, when I had the time anyway with two boys, hubby and working. But now that I am retired due to health problems, I have picked up my first love again, and have been going nuts lol.
  3. TY all so much for the help. I finally found one had to buy it but it is so cute. I love all the other dress links so I will have much fun crocheting her little dresses. This is the link to the dress I am working on right now, well if I could stay off the group lol. I am doing the dress in pink. Her patterns are good priced and you can download them as soon as you pay for them. http://www.shifio.co.uk/patterns/pinksundae48.htm
  4. The dolls are wonderful. I went to your blog and found the pattern for them. Thank you so much for that pattern. I have a little neice that is wanting a crochet baby to sleep with and this is perfect. Plus I have a granddaughter due in April what a perfect first doll for her. I can't wait to get started on them. Blessings KW
  5. These are dolls I made for my mom, my little neice Jasmyne and two daughter in laws Helen and Susan for Christmas. They loved them which I'm glad they did lol. The dresses I made are for 15 inch fashion dolls. Blessings KW
  6. I know this thread is old but I love all the links. I am pagan also. The path I follow is Kitchen Witchery. Right now I am working on things for my new grandbaby that is coming in April. For her paganing I made her a little cape with matching booties. I love the pentacle shawls, and I was thinking of turning the pattern from shawl to a baby blanket for her paganing, which is going to be held at Beltane. I love that on here that everyone is so open-minded and so wonderful about each other's different paths, this is just awesome. Blessings Kitchenwitch
  7. I am expecting my first granddaughter, and I am looking for a darling little crochet dress to make for her to come home in. Can anyone help me? I have looked online till I gave myself a migrane but there is nothing little enough for a newborn. After four grandsons and two sons it will be nice to have a little girl in the family. Blessings KW
  8. I have been crocheting since I was a little girl sitting at my grandmother's knee. She taught me everything about crocheting which I am very thankful for. A little about me, I'm 45 married to my soul mate and we have two grown sons 25 and 24, a grandmother to three beautiful grandsons age 4yrs, 20 months, and two months. With a new grandbaby on the way due in April. At this time I am working on doll dresses to give as christmas presents to my two daughter in laws and a adopted neice. I will post a picture of the dolls later on. Most of my christmas presents are going to be homemade this year lol. Looking forward to getting to know others that love to do needle work. It is a shame that it is getting to be a lost art. Blessings Kitchenwitch
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