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What's your favorite basid Chihuahua pattern


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Gonna make a couple of sweaters for a friend's dogs. I have a favorite greyhound pattern so what's your favorite pattern for the little guys? Their names are Taco and Mr. Bean!


Wish I could edit my title! I meant to say "basic"!

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I have made several sweaters for my daughter's boyfriend's mom's chi with my basic dog pattern:




and one with this design in dark and light sage for Christmas:




You just have to know the chest measurement. Homey's (the chi) is 12 inches, so she is not very much smaller than my little girl in the pictures. I have used this same pattern to make sweaters for dachshunds all the way up to our 90lb Ridgeback (who thinks she needs to wear clothes if the little dogs are!)


There are a lot of patterns on CPC, but I have yet to try any. It's not the weather in Alabama very much for sweaters!

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