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  1. She is beautiful! Enjoy the naptimes! Congratulations!
  2. jennawing

    Boxer puppy

    Perhaps not to non-rat people, but we Rat-Lovers think there is a huge difference in both looks and temperament Our male, Hogan- http://photos.imageevent.com/vendage/hogan/photoalbum/2.19.10%20032.jpg A jack- http://www.puppycityny.com/Jack%20Russell/Jack%20Russell%20Terrier.jpg If you ever decide to tackle it, be sure to let me know!
  3. jennawing

    Boxer puppy

    If you ever decide to do a Rat Terrier, I will be glad to provide you with lots of example pics and structure drawings. Rat Terriers can have 3 different styles of ears and so many colors and patterns and come in 4 sizes- you could do a whole package of patterns! I know a lot of rat terrier owners and breeders who would learn to crochet just to make themselves little models of their ratties!!!
  4. This is really lovely! I wish I had known how to crochet when my girl was little and still played with dolls. I made many a Barbie outfit on my old sewing machine, I tell you! And she's about to be 18! No dolls for years! *cries*
  5. jennawing

    Boxer puppy

    LOVE IT! I love all your dog patterns!
  6. Not a tattoo artist, but I always thought one of the illustrations on how to do a stitch would be an interesting tattoo. Something like one of these- http://www.patonsyarns.com/images/glossary/DoubleCrochet.jpg
  7. Very good ideas. I had thought of perhaps cotton worsted liners that could be changed frequently and maybe attached by velcro. Still thinking of ideas and appreciate all the suggestions. I admit I take forever to get around to writing out patterns, so keep 'em coming! Luckily the spotting when bitches are in heat is pretty minimal, so just the pants themselves seem to be effective, though would be a lot less of a pain to not have to wash them so often!
  8. Thanks so much for the comments! Anything for our dogs (and our upholstery) I would but Ollie eats things. She has had surgery twice to remove a small bowel obstruction. You may have noticed the 2 big scars on her back- caused by a bacteria infection from the subQ fluids the second time. It would be a great idea for most dogs, but not Olliedog. I did think of designing a type of frame pocket if I ever wrote the pattern up.
  9. Thanks, guys. They are silly, but you do what ya gotta do, huh? Some more pics: The top shot is of the prototype- which was really more of a 'hurry and get something made' type. The bottom 3 are of what I would consider the perfected design, only she didn't like them as much- probably because the leg trim made them more restrictive. I shall try again and make them original size and THEN add the trim, since SC tightens up the work so much. I should have thought of that beforehand. Oh well. She will need a few pairs of them until she is out of heat, anyway, and perhaps I can just get by
  10. There are probably members here that deserve honorary doctorates in crochet. hahahaha I would prefer to spend my money on yarn, however.
  11. Take in your pattern, show it off, ask for recommendations. I, personally, only use really nice yarn for gifts and I have an alpaca breeder (distant relative) connection. I always buy from her because she throws in extras. Most of what I make are dog items, and easily laundered and durable is what you need for dogs- and that happens to be the cheap stuff. I do love going in and looking around, though, and may make a minimal purchase of something completely irresistible. I have found here, though, there are many craft stores but no one even carries yarn. I went into one the other day and as
  12. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? This morning it was necessary that Ollie have some 'Hot Pants', so I invented her some. The next pair will be prettier and hopefully fit just a little more snuggly. Perhaps a nice daisy over her tail Ollie's Butt Sweater-
  13. What is really embarrassing it checking out at walmart with a buggy full of yarn and cat litter. But in all fairness- my oldest cat is 12 and I've been crocheting less than 2 years.
  14. My crochet companions are Pagan, Natalie, Mouse, and Titus. I usually have to make Mouse and Titus get down because I end up with white cat fur crocheted into everything, but anytime I sit down, my 2 personal dogs and these two very clingy cats want to be as close to me as possible. Pagan, though, thinks everything I make must be a sweater for her, so she wants to try it on- and if she tries it on, Natalie wants to try it on, but most things will only fit on Nat's head. lol
  15. There are things to deter chewing- bitter apple spray is sold in most pet stores. I cannot say what it might do to your hooks, though. Cats are supposedly turned off by the smell of citrus- perhaps storing them in a bag with one of those lemon car fresheners might do the trick. Or bop them on the nose lightly with the hook when they go for it. This is usually a good deterrent to cats as they are easily offended about their nose- as long as you don't have one of those vengeful cats. I got very tickled when I chose a common picture of some Boye Hooks as a wallpaper. I have seen it used
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