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Looking for old crochet books!!!


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I gave up crocheting for a long time but have taken it up again recently and am surprised at how much information there is online now, so many free patterns and sites! When I first learned to crochet from my mammaw, as a teenager years ago, I had to go to the library and photocopy patterns, many of which I have saved and used through the years, I did not have money to buy leaflets, much less whole books back then. I was lucky to afford the occasional afghan or crochet magazine back then!


Now that I am crocheting again, I have been trying to find those books from the library that I copied and have discovered that they are available online at discount prices, albeit slightly used. I found two of my favorites books so far, Weekend Afghans and The Great Crochet Book. I was so thrilled to see the Afghans in color after all these years of looking at the B&W photocopies! If any of you like to crochet afghans like I do, I can recommend these books, a lot of the patterns like "Corn On The Cob" are available free online now. I just love actually owning the books I could only borrow from the library before.


There are a few copied patterns that I could not figure out what book I had originally copied them from, and I am hoping some of you collect older books and can give me the titles. The patterns I have but have not yet found out what book or books they are from are:


Berry Afghan--This is done in squares, it took forever andwas very complicated but the afghan turned out beautiful.

Paneled Afghan-Filet Crochet Afghan in five strips

Heather Lace--Done in a shell pattern with teal heather yarn

Puff Pattern Afghan-worked with 4 strands of yarn and a "Q" hook

"Stained Glass" Afghan-Five strips done with 2 strands and a "Q" hook using 6 colors


Thanks to any of you who takes the time to look, even if you don't find anything!!!!!!!!


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I got "the McCall's Book of Afghans" through a book swap web site and 3 of the patterns I wanted were in it. The only one I have not found is the Berry Stitch Square Afghan. That one took forever to make, but was beautiful when finished. The pattern was complicated for each of the squares since they did not reapeat on each row and had 10 rounds. I remember I had to rip out a round and redo it again on almost every one of the 20 squares, whew! I kept this one for myself and have saved it over the years, its put up in a box in the closet cause I won't even let anyone use it!

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