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question about felting ratio


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hey there everyone. i have yet to make a felted crochet project, but i'm moving to new york in the winter and i thought it would be great to make some felted gloves for myself. my basic question involves, 'how much bigger should i make the pattern' in order for it to felt to the original size? i know this might vary a bit, but is there a general rule? i've heard three times the original pattern, but i forget where i saw this.


sorry if this question is redundant, but i'd be very interested in hearing people's perspectives.


very best,


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It will all depends on your wool, the temp of the water and the intensity of the aggitation. Best thing to do is make a 6" x 6" swatch of the wool you intend to use in the stitch pattern you intend to use and then felt it in the method you intend to use and remeasure. Figure out the ratio of shrinkage and then adjust your pattern accordingly :)


And you thought algebra would never come in handy once you left High School :lol


I usually see my felted items shrink by one third. Meaning something that is 18" x 12" will turn out roughly 12" x 8". But in felting nothing is ever exact. Good Luck

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