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I posted this in the sale section before but since it isn't at everyone's Joann's, I'll put it here. I wentback to my Joann's today which is going to relocate and become a superstore, and yarn is now 30% off and the clearance yarn is 40% off. SO I got an extra skein of cottonease to finish a poncho to take on vacation for my daughter and 9 skeins of microspun(I might throw it in my bed and roll in it tonite before I go to sleep - I love that stuff!) to do a poncho for myself! I ended up paying $1.49 each for the microspun :cheer ! I picked up a skein of cara mia in 2 different colors too. That stuff is amazing! It was $5 and 40% off.

Last nite I also treated myself to the Cozy Crochet kit at Barnes and Noble. It comes with a set of hooks(like I need more) a little bit of yarn and patterns from the Cozy Crochet book, except they are on cards. It makes it really easy to take with you and much easier to keep open than a book. SO I got the cara mia to do a scarf from the kit.:yay

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