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what size bead


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Is there a chart or something that tells what size bead is usually used with a particular size thread? I realize there is a lot of variation but I want to make a little beaded bag for my grand daughter who will be a flower girl. I will be using size ten cotton thread (like for doilies) WHat size bead would work best.



Also want to trim a shawl done in sport weight yarn. What size bead?

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I have had a question similar to yours and dug around in beading patterns and having asked even bead sellers for info, I haven't gotten the right answers and wound up buying the wrong size of beads. For a size 10 crochet thread, the only beads I've been able to use are the size 6 (0.6 mm) and the size 8 (0.8 mm) in the seed bead category and the "E" beads.

I am talking about glass beads, I don't know if you wanted any other type.

Hope this helps anyway. :)




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