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Beading and fulling??


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I know that you can use fun fur and such in a bag that you're going to full to give it a special little something. Has anybody tried fulling something that had beads worked into it?


I'm making a messenger bag with some of the yarn that I dyed (well, you know, eventually) and I was inspired to try beading it instead of just using the second color for interest/contrast.


I would even be willing to sew the beads on if need be instead of crocheting them but if I could crochet them in so they were kinda IN the fulled fabric I think that would look really cool... or at least, has potential to. Would I have to use glass beads? Or some other kind? Glass seems right, but I'm wondering if they might get banged up and break?


I guess the true question is, how many addictions can we fit into one project? :lol

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