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Seeking Pattern Tester Guidelines


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We are very happy to provide this folder to make it easy for designers to find pattern testers and for pattern testers to offer their services to designers.


  • We have provided a pattern testing template you can use to make it easy to remember to include all necessary information in your request. Including as much information as possible helps reduce or prevent problems during the testing period.
  • Please include detailed requirements in your post about expected hours of work required to complete the pattern and the date by which you expect the tester to complete the pattern.
  • Designers are under no obligation to accept any person who responds as a pattern tester. Designers may select any, all, or none of the members who volunteer to test a pattern, at their own discretion.
  • Once you have found enough pattern testers, please edit your thread title to include "TESTERS FOUND" in the title.


  • Read a designer's requirements thoroughly and carefully.
  • Respond only if you are sure you can meet those requirements. If you are uncertain whether you'll be able to meet the required deadline, please do not sign up as a tester.
  • To respond to a pattern tester request, please post in the thread or send a PM to the designer.
  • OPTIONAL: You may start a thread in show and tell showing what you made from the pattern you tested. Feel free to include a link to where the designer's pattern is available for purchase.
  • Do not take it personally if you are not selected as a pattern tester. A designer may receive many requests from people who want to test a pattern, but the designer can only accept a limited number of testers.

Crochetville is not responsible for any problems that may occur with a pattern testing arrangement. If a problem does occur, it is up to those involved to solve the issue amicably or not. All posts referencing a problem with a pattern testing arrangement will be removed by an administrator or super-moderator promptly.

If either a designer or a tester has a problem, feel free to PM me for assistance in solving the problem. If one person is repeatedly involved in conflicts, that person may be prohibited from participating in further pattern testing here at Crochetville, either as a designer or as a tester.

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