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Lavender as a natural moth -repellant?


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Hi all, I don't know if this is the best place to post, I just want your opinions, ladies.


With the spring approaching fast, it is time to put aside our woolens and even the wool yarn and pick up something lighter and cooler.


My question is: Do you use moth -repellant? And if so, what kind? Commercial or something natural, say lavender sachets? And where would you buy your lavender sachets from? Would you buy it from a yarn shop?


You see, through my website I sell lavender sachets in a beautiful, reusable organza bag, enriched with lavender essential oil for a long-lasting fragrance.

Do you think it is worth it contacting yarn shops online and offline and selling them the lavender sachets wholesale? Would you buy that?


Oh, here's a picture of it, it retails at £2.00 each, that's roughly $3.50. What do you think of the price?







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:cheer I grow my own Lavender and dry it to rub then make Lavender Bags to sell.


I have picked most of mine but have one bush left to do.

The weather is changing and we have had a few wet days so I have to get it cut this weekend.

The Cedar, I agree is probably a stronger smell but there is no reason why you cant use both together.

I use the essential oil of Lavender on a cloth, rather than the dried, as an insect repellant.

The dried sachets are good for making your drawers smell nice.

Of course, Lavander Essential Oil is so versatile that I think everyone should have some in their medicine cupboard. (Get it from a reputable shop though, where they can advise you on its uses.)

Good for insect bites, stings, infected cuts and scratches, calms the children before bed, on the cat or dog when they have been in a fight and have small wounds........ There are so many uses I could go on all day....... and as an insect repellant. A few drops in a good massage oil is great for anyone.

My life long dream is to wake in the morning to see a field of lavender swaying in the wind and now that my Daughter has gone to live in France, that dream may become a reality.

Have fun.


PS, You should go for it with your beautiful Lavender Sachets, especially in the wool shops. Even if they do not stop the bugs, the yarn will stay smelling beautiful. Your prices are good. I think that would be about $6.00NZ.

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