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Why I Should Look Before I Ply


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Been away from the wheel for about a month due to holidays and family issues. Decided to clean up a few bobbins by plying what I had on them. I failed to remember which way I had spun them and didn't look at the yarn to see if it was a Z or S twist.


Can you guess what I did?


Yep, welcome to the world of overtwisted yarn. I plied it in the same direction I spun it. Didn't notice until I took it off the bobbin and by then it was too late.



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I always spin z and ply s that way I can't forget what I was doing. I am spinning up two pounds of yarn for a woman, and I am getting tired of purple.

At least I am using an electric spinner for most of it.

Yesterday I got 90 lbs of wool roving for dying it is nice stuff.


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