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  1. I have some hints on how to spin on this site http://www.dudleyspinner.com/createwithunspunroving.html It helps you to get the wool ready to spin. Deb I am having a SALE in my online store dudleyspinner.com everything is 20% off!
  2. . I loathe sellers who way overcharge for shipping! Deneen, that is one of my pet peeves too. When you expect that is should be $4.05 the priority rate and it is doubled ARRRGH It always pays to ask ahead and get a quote. I try to just charge the exact amount of shipping. It only seems fair to me Deb I have new dudleyspinner tie dye rovings up today!
  3. I am spinning some thick and thin yarn to spin some coiled yarns just for the heck of it. The roving is some odds and ends of my rovings that I dye http://www.dudleyspinner.com/rovingsthumb.html you can see them here Deb
  4. SimonSez, Thanks, I find that with freeform I have a whole pallet of yarn. I can just play. And have a nice afghan when I am done. This is made with all wool yarns. My next afghan is freeform using all my UFO's I should take some photos of it. Spinning and dying wool are my main focus at the moment. Deb
  5. Free form for me is making something from nothing. This afghan is an example http://dudleyspinner.blogspot.com/2005/10/somebody-stop-me.html All the yarn is too small to make a large project, often pieces from crewel embroidery kits. Deb
  6. I am happy to offer help if you are trying to felt the handles. Just remember that instructions on our site are there for the individual user, not the manufacturer. Thanks! Linda Linda, I had never looked at your site until you posted here. The idea of felting a crochet hook handle is something that I came up with on my own while crocheting with friends, I wrapped yarn around the handle and needle felted it into place. Since I do not make them the same way, I feel that this idea is my own. I took down the post with the offer to make them for sale as a curtesy. I will continue to make and sell felt covered needle felting needles. I looked at your site and saw a tutorial for using unspun roving to make a felted bag. You do not mention any source article or inspired by information. Spin Off magazine had an article in 2000 about how to do this. By not acknowleging this are you saying it is your own idea? That if I make and sell felted bags made in this manner that I am infringing on your intelectual property? Deb
  7. it is like a small sewing machine, the felting needles are where the stitiching needle would be. I got it from Susans Fiber Shop, I think feltcrafters has photos. Deb
  8. I just got a needle felting machine! It is so much fun to play with. The pieces need to be rather small to fit into the machine, but it felts really quickly. Deb
  9. felted crochet hooks and felted felting needles are great. I made some sculpy handles for felting needles and felted them. They are so much more comfortable to use. Deb
  10. The post with her photo said it was a row of double crochet then a row of single crochet. I think any combination will work. If you start the row with the fringe then you are sure it will match and when you are done, you are done! Deb
  11. I am really looking forward to being in the mountains, with all the fiber animals and SHOPPING to be done.. I need to control myself.. Deb
  12. I've not used hemp before. Where do you get it? I spin my own, I got some hemp fiber from Canada and have been spinning that kilo of fiber for years! I am not sure where it can be purchased but I think a google of hemp yarn should bring up something. Deb http://www.dudleyspinner.com/
  13. I use a felting needle. The ends are secure and the finished piece has no little escaped yarn to make it look tacky. If you can't find any needles locally, I have some available at $1.00 each. Deb
  14. I will be teaching a free form crochet class at the Estes Park Wool market, Estes Park, Colorado. The class is scheduled for June 16. I will also have a booth with dudleyspinner rovings, knit and crocheted items for sale. If you will be at the show, stop by my booth and say hello. I would love to meet you. A dudleyspinner style wool dying class is set for Knit One Purl Too on June 19 We will be cooking up some fantastic colorways. . I will also be teaching a free form crochet class at Mew Mew's Yarn shop on June 20 the details are on my dudleyspinner blog http://dudleyspinner.blogspot.com/ Deb
  15. I just got confirmation that I will be teaching a Dudleyspinner Dye Class in Longmont Colorado on June 19th 6-8 pm. The class will be at Knit One Purl Too 1127 Francis St. Longmont Colorado 720-652-0906. Call the shop to sign up for the classs We will be dying wool roving in the Dudleyspinner Tie Dye style, you can see examples of that in my site, just click on wool rovings. We always have a lot of fun playing with the colors in my classes. If you are in the area, I would love to meet you! Deb
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