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It is where two (or more, or many, many more) people crochet the same pattern. A pattern is picked out, such as the 63 Square (not sure the exact title) and then each person works on it at their pace and timing. It is meant to be an encourager to finish the project. I am sure as a fellow crocher, you probably have projects long in the 'to finish' pile... sometimes crochet-alongs are started because of that very reason... sometimes they are started just because a pattern looks interesting and some have wanted to try it. I have not officially started in one yet, but it seems like a great encouraging thing, you can give or get help when you need it by someone who may have conqured a particularly tricky part of what you're working on, you can cheer someone on... or "kick" their backside when they seem to be slacking or get too distracted.

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