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I've been stuck on this pattern for 3 days trying then undoing until i seem to get it right i feel like it's unclear. 

Stuck on row 4 now it says "skip next 2 ch then crochet in next 3ch sp". They talk about ch and ch sp and st... so i can't tell anymore if when they say skip it's skip 2 chains (3ch sequences on 3rd row) or skip 2 stitches (2 st on 3ch).

I don't know if I'm making sense here.

Pattern is in pdf link

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welcome to the ville!  row 4 is pretty short and straightforward really, so hopefully you've gotten it figured out by now, but here's my explanation--

the part you're asking about is

"*1 sc in next sc. Skip next 2 ch. 7 dc in next ch-3 sp. Rep from * to last ch-3 sp. "

when it says skip it means to skip exactly what comes next in the sentence.  so here, 'skip next 2 ch' means to skip the very next two chains, the ones right after the sc you just worked into.  after those 2 chs will be a ch3-space, and into the space you make 7 dc.  since its enclosed by asterisks * * you repeat what's between the asterisks all the way across the row until you arrive at the last ch-3 space.  

Hope that helps a bit!  

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