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Help with a pattern - increasing stitches?


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I'm trying to crochet my first pair of gloves (I asked my boyfriend what he'd want me to make him for Christmas and he, of course, chose the hardest thing possible). I found this pattern that I love, and so far it's gone well; I've reached the part where I'm supposed to chain a new section to begin making the thumb.

This is where I get tripped up, though! The pattern states, "Ch 9 loosely, draw up a loop in 2nd st from hook and in each st of ch; 8 loops, work pat. until there are 22 loops on hook; work off loops. Work on these 22 sts for 2½ ins." My first issue is that when I "draw up a loop" in every stitch of the chain I end up with 9 loops on my hook, not 8. Not a big deal, I figured that's such a small difference I can work with it, it'd be fine. But with the next part, I literally have no idea what it means.

How do I get 22 loops out of 8 (or 9)? Am I supposed to draw these off of the hook first, and then increase in that new section until I have 22 loops? It states that I'm supposed to work on these 22 stitches, so obviously that number is important, but it doesn't give me any instruction as to how to do that. My first instinct was to work the loops off of the crochet hook before increasing, but if I do that it makes a foundation that is significantly smaller than what 22 stitches from the get-go would give me. Why wouldn't I just chain 22 or 23 to start?

I've looked online to no avail, and there's no way to contact the creator of the pattern that I can find. You can view the full pattern here Men's Afghan Stitch Gloves Pattern. (I figured once I started that "Afghan Stitch" is either another name or a type of Tunisian crochet; correct me if I'm wrong! Also, it might just be me, but the way this pattern is written gives me a headache--it's just the best I could find without having to knit with a set of double pointed knitting needles, and that seemed harder than figuring this type of pattern out).

I'm bolding my two questions just because I know I've written a lot, so hopefully it's easier to read. I'm also adding a series of photos to show how I'm interpreting the first portion of the instructions for the thumb. I feel like I don't even know enough to try and guess around until I figure something out! This is my first time working with this type of stitch, and I've loved working in it so far--if I can just figure out what they mean by this one part, I think I should be able to finish this pattern and make a beautiful pair of gloves.

Thank you!




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