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Slipper Project


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I was looking for a new slipper pattern to whip up more of a stretch style to assist w/ patient for Hospice when their feet swell well I found it :O)

I like that it whip up quickly and I can make then w/ scraps as well in the future now that I made my first pair...

I did one of the pattern using DC and did the adult womens size well it was HUGE..(men's size 13) so I dropped as the pattern stated you could use a SC and that helped plus less stretchy & I went down to the Small size (for children ) and it was still very large measuring 9 inches in length...it fit me I wear a men's size 10.5..Basically you start at the bottom/heel and work that.. Then then instep then the toes..& then sew it up..one set took me like 3 hours..







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