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Accepting Submissions thru 9/30/14: Crochetville's Favorite Scarf and Cowl Patterns from Up-and-Coming Designers


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Crochetville’s Favorite Scarf and Cowl Patterns from Up-and-Coming Designers

Call for Submissions


Submission Deadline:   September 30, 2014


Submission Email Address:         submissions@crochetville.com


Submission Guidelines:

  1. You must be a member in good standing of Crochetville’s social community site. You can create a free account at any time.
  2. All designs must be your own original work, not previously published, and not under review with any other company.
  3. Please do not submit a design that features a popular character from books/movies/comics/etc., sports team names or logos, corporate logos, or that involves the copyrights/trademarks of a third party. Such designs will be automatically rejected due to potential trademark and copyright infringement issues.
  4. Your design must use a yarn that is commercially available and has not been discontinued as of the date of the submission deadline, September 30, 2014.
  5. You will grant Crochetville non-exclusive rights to publish the pattern in an ebook collection to be titled Crochetville’s Favorite Scarf and Cowl Patterns from Up-and-Coming Designers. You will agree not to distribute the pattern yourself (whether for free or for sale) until a 3-month period after the publication date of the ebook.
  6. You will grant Crochetville permission to use the photos and romance text from your pattern to advertise and promote the ebook.
  7. You understand that in lieu of Crochetville paying you a fee for the publishing rights you grant us, Crochetville will provide you with free advertising in the form of: a full-page advertisement in the ebook, a blog post and an online social community post featuring the information from that full-page ad and also promoting your design, and Facebook posts promoting your design from the ebook. The Facebook posts will include a photo of your design, your name, a tag to your Facebook page, a link to your main website, and a link to our blog post about your design.

    As of August 17, 2014, our Facebook page has over 249,000 fans.



What to Include with Your Submission

  1. Photo(s) of the finished item or a proposal sketch with swatch(es). Please email in jpg, gif, or pdf format.

    Please be sure that your photos are in focus, taken in good light, and show your finished item off to its best advantage.
  2. A short paragraph describing your design’s special features and what inspired you to create it.
  3. Email your submission to submissions@crochetville.com.


Design Review and Acceptance:


We will review all designs by October 15, 2014. We will contact you on or before October 22, 2014, to let you know if your design has been accepted.


We prefer that you have your pattern tested by at least 2 to 3 people prior to submitting the written pattern instructions to us. Please let your pattern testers know that they should not publicly post anything about the pattern testing prior to the release date of the ebook. We will provide information on how to create Ravelry projects and Crochetville show-and-tell threads that you can share with your pattern testers.


If your design is accepted, you must mail your finished item and pattern to arrive on or before November 15, 2014.


Crochetville will pay the expense to mail your finished item back to you. We may elect to retain the design to display in our vendor booth at Stitches South in Nashville, TN, April 23-26, 2015. You design will be returned to you on or before May 15, 2015.


Writing Guidelines

  1. Pattern instructions must be complete, correct, and include any necessary graphs and charts.
  2. Type your instructions in a clear, 12 point font, saved as either a Microsoft Word document or in PDF format.
  3. Please include separate instructions for any special stitches or stitch patterns.
  4. Include a detailed complete materials list. For yarn or thread, be sure to include manufacturer’s name, yarn name, fiber content, color number and name, yarn weight designation, and number of yards/meters and ounces/grams per ball or skein. Be sure to include the total number of yards/meters, oz/grams, or balls/skeins needed.
  5. Give your design a creative, appealing name.
  6. Include romance text for your design: a few sentences that highlight the best features of your design and its appeal for your intended audience.
  7. Include the crochet skill level needed for your designs.
  8. State the hook size(s) used to make your design.
  9. Provide the gauge for your design (if applicable).
  10. Give the finished measurements for your design. If applicable, include both pre-blocking and post-blocking measurements.
  11. Provide stitch counts at the end of each row in which the stitch count changes from that of the previous row.
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