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Looking for a group to join in or around Frisco / evenings after 5 pm

Kristy Jones

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I basically have only used crochet to make scarves, I want to learn more and have fellowship with others that know how to crochet... I'm a watch and learn type person as the book and pattern instructions are like reading a foreign language for me.


I've also knitted a few small items and have used a loom to make a hat.


I would love to find a group to learn from.


I can be contacted at luvbutterflize@yahoo.com and I will do my best to check back with the board here but I'm not really sure how the board works..

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Bienvenue Summer Lilly,

Welcome to you in this freindly forum.

About learning by watching womeone I understand you;..

you will surelly find someone of you region if you fill up your profile so we can see where you come from. ( seen under your picture)

I also watch Videos on youtube about crochet,

some of them are so very well made, I have learned much this way...and also with diagrams.



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