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Swap Reminder--We're Still Here in the New Forum

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Hey all, just wanted to remind everyone that, despite the lost few days of Crochetville, the Swaps are still going as planned, and the deadlines for signing up for the February swaps is looming--in fact, it's today!


We are hosting three great swaps in February:


Magic Ball Swap--this involves sending a ball of yarn in which you've wrapped up little gifts for your partner; there's a $15 minimum on this swap. It's newly redesigned for 2013 after a few years on hiatus.  Luscious yarn wrapped around hooks or notions--who can resist? (I couldn't--I fell for it myself, so come join me!)


Starts With A...--this involves sending a package with a minimum of $25 worth of items to your partner with the catch that everything has to start with the letter of either her screenname, her real name, or her initials. We had loads of fun iwth this last year when it debuted. People got everything from yarn to tuna to pepper!


February Square Swap--this involves sending either a blue or white square--and nothing else! So if you're tired of shopping after the holidays, or on a tight time or financial budget but still want some swapping fun, the square swap is for you. No other items can be sent--just the square. Build your Crochetville friendship afghan with our 9-month long Square Swap, starting with this inagural square swap in February.


Come on over to the Swap Thread in the Crochet Activities Forum and join us--we have lots of fun planned for February and for the rest of 2013, too!



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