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Is this spinning wheel missing any parts?


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It's really hard to tell from the pictures she took. I can see the hooks are missing from the flyer, those are fairly easy to replace though.


It looks similar to a Kromski Mazurka. Those are made in Poland. Since the seller is in the Netherlands, it's possible it's an old model or something they based their designs on.


If it's truely an antique, I wouldn't count on it working. Even if everything is there, parts could be warped, wood could be so dried out it could split if you tighten anything or try to screw hooks into the flyer etc. Moving parts might be rusted stuck. Even if it does technically work, it may not be easy to spin on, sometimes older wheels are cranky :lol If you aren't an experienced spinner, it will be very frustrating to try to learn on a wheel that doesn't work well. My first wheel was an old, used Ashford. All the parts were there, there wasn't anything technically wrong with it, but it was tempermental. I could get it to work, but it was not fun. I bought a new Lendrum wheel in May and it's a whole different world. :yay


Those would be my concerns, especially since the seller says she's not a spinner and can't vouch for if it works or not. You could ask her if there are any manufacturers markings on it and send her the link above to compare parts (if she's feeling cooperative).


If you can get it for a low price and wouldn't mind using it as a conversation piece if it doesn't work, go for it! If this would be your only chance to buy a wheel, I would pass on it.



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