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I'm so glad to find this here !

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I'm a newbie, but I'm so glad to find this sectio, as part of my international diploma that I'm currently studying I need to master Hairpin....so far it's been very baffling to me, but I'm going to spend some time studying all your comments and hope to gain further knowledge :hook

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I am no master, just been doing it for a long time. There is alot of info on the net and tutorials as well as video's. Most are about working with sport or worsted. I did my projects with both as well as the mini staple to use with thread (my fav). Haven't worked with it for a few years (health issues and hand tremors) but there are many of us on the ville who would love to help and support you with their input.

I love when some of the older techniques are being used and kept alive....

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