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Squared-off African Flower hexie and puffy flowers


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I'm not sure if this thread is just for pattern designers or for any published patterns. Anyway, this is not mine, but interesting. The current Crochet Today that just arrived has a pattern for an afghan made up of the very popular African Flower motif -- only this time, it's been turned into a square. It may not be as pretty as the hexies, but I think squares are a little bothersome to put together. The same issue also has a pattern for a baby afghan similar to one that's been making the rounds on Pinterest: it's a join-as-you-go made up of little puffy flowers. Very nice and I think may be worth the price of the magazine. You can see pictures here: http://www.crochettoday.com/crochet-patterns/orchid-and-lilac-blankie-set


P.S. I have no stake in this -- just pointing out stuff I like.

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