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Calling Designers: Book Signings at Chain Link in Manchester

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Calling all crochet designers! If you would like to sign copies of your patterns/books at the Crochetville/Red Heart booth at the Chain Link conference in Manchester, please let me know by May 27.


I have to turn my schedule in to Offinger by May 29, so I'll need a couple days to work out scheduling details with you.


If we'll need to obtain your books from your publisher, all we'll need you to do at the conference is show up for a 30-minute slot to sign them.


If you'll provide us with copies of the books/patterns, then you'll need to bring them to us at the show and take the unsold copies back either after the signing or at show closing on Sunday (or any time in between). We will process all payments. If you don't want to bring the books/patterns on the plane, you can ship them to yourself at the UPS Store one block from the hotel. They charge a pick-up fee of $5 per package. They're open late on Sunday and at 8:00 on Monday morning in case you want to ship anything home to yourself. For this consignment arrangement, you'll receive 70% of sale price and Crochetville will receive 30% less any card processing fees.


Post here, send me a PM, or use the Contact Us form if you want to do a book/pattern signing in our booth. Schedule time may be limited, so reserve your time early.

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