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Cost of spinning


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Is it cheaper to spin (& maybe dye) your own yarn?

That may be variable-

Cheaper than red heart, lion brand, or Caron simply soft?

Patons, cascade?

High end (Ive never bough super pricey yarn so Idk the names)!


Spinning tools are most definitely more $$$$ but in the end can you save anything?

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Like raising chickens for eggs & meat or a couple hogs for meat ... it's never cheaper than buying from the store, but the quality is much, much better.


If you use a hand spindle and buy bulk fiber, the cost is probably less than mid priced yarns .... if you're not taking into account of the time factor involved.


Most folks who spin do so for the pure love of spinning. I usually split my time pretty evenly between spinning, knitting & crocheting. I don't always use my own hand spun yarns, sometimes I buy other handspun yarns. I refuse to buy acrylic yarns, although I will knit/crochet with it if someone wants me to make something for their child.


Hand spinning will turn you in to a yarn snob!!!

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It depends on a lot of variables.


First one is how adept you are at spinning. I can spin & 2-ply about 400 yards of worsted weight yarn in a full day, but I've been spinning for 10 years and have a spinning wheel with a large drive wheel and a WooLee winder. Ten years ago, it would have taken me a week to spin 400 yards of a Single.


What type of yarn do you want to spin? How much time do you have to spin?

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