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Innerweave Crochet Accessories 2011


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I am looking for a copy of Innerweave Crochet Accessories 2011... I flipped through this magazine a week ago and finally decided to get it when low and behold, they've taken them off the shelves! Rats!


I was kinda hoping someone here might have a copy they're done with and would be willing to either send it to me, or be willing to let me pay for so I can have a copy of it...


I know I can go to the publisher, but I thought I'd start here first...



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Oh I just had to buy this! I've been eyeing it up on-line and hesitated too long. I missed the special $8.99 digital offer. But never fear, the hard copy was still available. I just couldn't resist the many beautiful designs. Great eye candy on a cold and snowy day!

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