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Testers found for butterfly & alligator ami

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I am looking for a rush job testing a few items... I would need them done by June 29th - I know it isn't a lot of time but I'm hoping to get them ready to go live by July 1...


First is a butterfly ami. It won't take too long. It's wingspan is 9" wide and it is only 5" tall.


The other is an alligator that I am in the process of finishing up today. It is 19" long - don't freak out, half of it is its tail and he is a rather slim gator. pm me for pictures as I don't want to post them just yet as he doesn't have his eyes sewn on yet... I will be working on him this morning. I'll update with pics as soon as they are on and ready to go.

The pattern should be relatively easy to make . He has an open mouth and lots of teeth. He is a more realistic alligator than cute. Anyone up for a blind gator? lol


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