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  1. Thanks everyone! I've gotten a few pm's and have enough testers for now
  2. He came out stinking cute! Very nice
  3. Yarn or Fabric

    Little pig

    Your pigs are adorable!
  4. That is awesome. I'm also a crocodile stitch lover as well. That came out super nice
  5. That is very pretty! You did an awesome job on it.
  6. ***UPDATE**** Testers found! I am seeking testers for my new Halloween series of dolls. The first one, Skelli Skeleton is ready. There will also be others such as a scarecrow, witch, vampire, werewolf and zombie. The dolls will all be approximately 8" tall but are very, very quick to make. If you would like to test the series, please let me know via private message. This series will be released on Sept 15. I would like a very quick turnaround on these dolls so that I can get them up and ready to go. If you have immediate time to crochet these guys up, let me know. Thanks!
  7. I am a stuffed doll designer for the most part. I had also wanted to design up a few accessories but time was not on my side. I got what I could get done before the first deadline and was really upset when I had seen they extended it lol. I would have done more I think had I known it was extended. By the time I found out, it was too late to design anything else. They accepted designs for a robot, bunny, dog, cat and a crocodile. The monkey I designed was really cute and has been pretty popular on my website since I released her. Designs rarely go to waste here... I am almost 100% sure it was because I used Super Saver on that design. The rest were higher end yarns plus a few from yarn stores. It's hard to find higher end yarns that aren't wool anymore... If I were designing accessories I would use maybe silk or something but for stuffed animals? Acrylic and cotton are all that I can choose from.
  8. They remind me so much of frog and fish bags I made from an old Annie's Attic pattern. Very cute and well done!
  9. Those are so pretty! I haven't worked with thread in ages. You did an awesome job on them!
  10. I have not been posting here when I release new patterns lately - sorry! I will make sure I update here. I have been so busy lately. We're moving this week. The past few months we have been getting a new house built. It's been super exciting. I'm surprised I have gotten anything done at all!! New on Nov 15th - Ernie & Erline Elves. When made with worsted weight yarn, they are 13" tall, not including their hats. New on Dec 1st - Big Mouth Monsters. When made with worsted weight yarn, they are 4-6" tall. Both patterns are pretty quick to make. They make great last minute Christmas gifts! Available at http://www.CraftyDeb.com - instant download as soon as your payment clears! and for Etsy fans http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyDebDesigns
  11. I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who got in. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to be all neiner neiner neiner know what I mean? I sent in 6 designs. One was returned me already. I was pretty sure it would be since it was an experiment. I sent in 6 designs, one made out of Super Saver, a few higher end but easily available yarns plus a few yarn store yarn yarns. The cheap yarn design was returned... so I have 5 in the book. I'm really excited about it. I wish I could have sent in more but I didn't know about it until about a week and a half before the deadline so I really pushed myself to kick out some serious designs... and then they went and pushed the deadline back... but I was so busy with other things I could not get more design time in. I am so happy I logged on here and saw the call for submissions!!
  12. I agree that Christmas has indeed snuck up far too quickly this year. I had big plans of making all sorts of stuff but it doesn't look like I'll be getting even half of it all done.. I'll be lucky if I finish any of it lol.
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