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CLOSED - Celebrate the Square Textured Dishcloth Trio


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I am working on my first pattern pdf to sell. I am needing people to test the pattern and provide feedback on areas the pattern can improve or changes that should be made to work with standard patterns.



- 3 dishcloths, takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per cloth.

- Beginner/Intermediate needed

- Prefer completion by May 12th (it is not time intense - perhaps 2-3 days after receipt of pattern document)


If you are interested in testing, please send me a PM with your email address. If selected as a tester, I will email you the pattern. It is a pdf document, the same that would be received if the pattern was purchased. To test you will have to be able to open a pdf document.


I do not require testers to buy the pattern or delete it after testing. Consider it more of a thank you for helping me get started (provided you like it! hehehe)


I think that's all I have to put in here....


Thanks in advance!

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