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  1. I would say sew it on. Glue-ing never did anything for me. If I sew it, then I know its on there.
  2. I am not exactly sure what you are trying to do.... but I don't think reducing it on a copier is going to help with the actual pattern The standard answer I would give is that you could do the same chart but with a smaller hook and yarn. If that isn't what you are looking for in an answer, then you would have to get the repeat pattern and figure out the multiple then reduce the base size by that multiple however many times it would take to get it the size you wanted. Obviously - it would be easier if you shared the chart or at least gave an idea of what type of item it was.
  3. Nothing spectacular but still in the positive so no complaints WTD +1 / YTD -31
  4. OK - I was gone a bit so I definitely know my scores are 100% accurate, but I'm going to try and get them caught up as best I can (in the last few weeks I've definitely used several skeins into the beast-ghan and have been a minimal purchaser). I won't put my score up for Saturday because its not fair for me to stack several weeks of use against a person who genuinely did use a good amount in a week. BUT I will be posting next week! (had a lot happen technically and personally - although I won't go into the nasty details) GLAD TO BE BACK!
  5. I forgot to post last week (I think) so this is a combo of that. WTD -4 / YTD -43
  6. I am down to the last 12 squares of my afghan..... WHEW - hopefully I will be using up the yarn rather than needing to buy it After that, I have to edge it and then weave in the ends. Should be fun!
  7. Pretty sure I'll forget to post tomorrow so here we go. Nothing spectacular. Rolled a skein into a ball. WTD +1 / YTD -39
  8. Had a pretty good week. I gave 11 skeins away.... just in time to buy 6 more skeins for my big afghan project. WTD +12 / YTD -42
  9. I actually made some progress this week and kept things moving in the positive. Yay. WTD +4 / YTD -54
  10. This is actually 2 weeks of score because I forgot to post last week. Basically I had one week where I did really good and then I had my birthday *laughs* WTD -11 / YTD -58
  11. I forgot to post my score on Saturday I'll just roll that score into this week coming up.
  12. was a struggle but I finished on the positive side this week *whew* WTD +3 / YTD -47
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