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  1. N isn't bad with 2 strands. And yup - there is an L. Joann Fabrics carries them in Boye brand as a single.
  2. OH so there was a starting chain *laughs* ok, I'm ok now - glad someone was able to help you... and WELCOME to the ville
  3. I guess for me I am confused in Row 1 jumps into doing all these things into a chain but nothing is there to tell you how many to chain for starting. The instructions there confuse me too
  4. First, is this pattern written in British or American terminology? Second - would it be possible to get any instruction directly before and after this row? Perhaps a link to the pattern (if free online) or the name of it if its not
  5. I do believe that is the slip stitch.
  6. Springfield? Springfield? Anyone from Springfield?
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