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Custom Crochet Hook

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I'm really having problems with my hands cramping up when I crochet and the skinny hooks just make it worse. I found an ergonomic hook at Michael's that worked quite well, but it had a bates head on it and I hate those!!! So, back to the drawing board. I ordered a Meno Trigger Hook http://home.roadrunner.com/~meno/ and it seems great - a hook embedded in a piece of wood that looks like the stock of a rifle. Interesting.... But at $36 each, I can't afford to get one for each size of hook.

So.... on to a new project....

Making my own hooks using Polymer Clay. I found a youtube video showing how, and I'm going to model it on the Meno hook plus some changes that I think will make it even better. We'll see how that goes!!!!!


Anyone with experience doing this? Is Polymer Clay Strong enough? Does it withstand being dropped at all?


I'll keep my website updated with my progress. First thing is to get a toaster oven. No way am I going to bake something chemical in my "food" oven!

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I really don't like bates hooks but I do love boye crochet hooks. I like making polymer hooks too. I really want a file they use at the nail shops. I file mine and make it smooth, add design, and glaze it. I also like buying hooks from online websites like http://www.craftdesigns4you.com, elegganthooks.com, and I'm still searching esty.com see if I like anything. I'm really picky so I want all the tools for carving. Im going to try wood next. Maybe even silicone mold material for polymer clay. I have some rheumatic conditions so I have to be be cautious using a skinny hook. I have a favorite I made its a super thick handle in blue, light purple, and hot pink in tiger stripes its my favorite. With two large paws. My friends think it looks funny. It strong and heavy enough to give me light exercise on my hands. I also do daily hand and arm exercises to help avoid any unnecessary pain later. Pushing off against a wall. Crawling on all fours with my fingers spread out. Looks funny but it works for me. Oh you can also buy hooks from china on ebay they are super cheap similar to boye hooks, that way you can practice on making polymer hooks. Only bad think it takes like 30 days :eek

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I like to make clay hooks..You can really customise the size and literally mould it to fit your grip..

I have used a file and sanded some down and made them look all pretty,Boyd hooks are cheaper around here and maybe try it on that first or hooks you do not use,then gift them out..uno then they will have a purpose...

Doing this is so much cheaper and I have heard there is some type of foam clay out you do not have to use the oven..I thought it was done with but some one recently suggested it...Art supply store may have something similar..Joanns tends to put the clay on sale for .99 cents... Oh and I use tin foil and make a little tray to put my stuff in the oven so you so you do not have to use your cook ware..

On my blog there are some pictures some where of some of the hooks I have sent out..

Also I will say it will take a bit to knead some of the types of clay..So I tend to to take a night and knead the colors and put them in a sealed baggy until I will use them.. (talk about hand cramps..lol)

Ok I am blaa blaa bla ing...

Good luck

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