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  1. thanks guys.. Here is a updated picture. I am just using a V stitch.. It seems to be going better..
  2. Thanks ... yeah last night i decides to take off the ends. It was such a waste. some nice yarn now trash, I did not even want to save it for cat toys. I decided to keep the center and on each side add the cream mohair.
  3. I have not been here in awhile..I have been following the ville on Facebook..but my things have changed..I love the new categories.
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help with a few things. Lets start with saying I have done freeform before and made many projects but this one makes me want to scream!!!!!!!! It is for our family yankee swap. So maybe I am trying to hard and now it is a mess and ugly, I feel. It has taken way to long to turn back now. Any ideas? The colors urrg! I thought they looked good when I pulled them together. But now I am not to sure. The yarn is ice bran for the main part and the cream in another mohair. I am so ready to toss it into a pile and buy something. I can take the critiques.. My next problem is if it works out I need some sort of card with a nice saying or something on it. To include its a prayer wrap and what can be done with it. thanks in advanced...
  5. :lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol I am so glad the plan worked...LOL And you and your family are welcome, We did enjoy putting it together. JAckie
  6. :clap Thank you so much Lisa.. My husband received great things and he is happy about it.. this was fun.. I love the bottle holders...The football cozy, what a great idea. Received: Football and colored in hubbies colors bottle cozies Fav. coffee gift card to sport store. again I say thank you and Hubby does too. hugs. Your package should be there Monday,so they say..I hope you like everything, I had fun putting it together with hubby for you guys. I did not get pictures this time around if you can could you take some so I can post them up on my blog. If not that is way cool too. "Your item arrived at 9:00 am on June 11, 2011 in YOur town. The Postal Service expects to deliver the item on Monday, June 13, 2011. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later. "
  7. Your so niffty! Love it
  8. UGGG I missed it..I had the survey in my draft box too...ahh Pucky... I felt in my sink too..........
  9. Ok .. I have some crochet done and ideas to be put into action..Hubby has helped ..it is fun having him help I think it is funnieer for him to..
  10. hey there Partner... I just emailed you back a few ago.... This will fun.. Have you joined this swap before?It is my first hubby swap..
  11. hello hmmm anyone there? it is very quite around here... it must be wabbit season..
  12. Yeah thats a smart way of putting a spin on it... :yes
  13. ok sent in mine...oh how fun...He just turned 37 and he is feeling blaa and deserves a surprise... I can not wait to see him when he gets his package...He always helps me look over mine... He will finally understand why I join them...lol
  14. I agree with many of the things said here.. I do like having the range of options to choose from, and better guide lines,price wise..the minimum... What about take the most popular swap and say have two, with two price ranges... Lets say the holiday swap min.20 max 30 or 25 and then have the an other one with min. 5 max 10 or something.. then a fun swap like that one,... more can join and will not be so tight.. I have just found the mailing prices are crazy so in some cases I can not spoil as must like go over the amount..When the person is far away..Our lovely swap hostess's I feel are good in matching me up in the past if they can...Just I would not be so hesitant to join more if there was a smaller price range for my fav. swaps.. Just a thought.... I hope I made some sense..
  15. I like to make clay hooks..You can really customise the size and literally mould it to fit your grip.. I have used a file and sanded some down and made them look all pretty,Boyd hooks are cheaper around here and maybe try it on that first or hooks you do not use,then gift them out..uno then they will have a purpose... Doing this is so much cheaper and I have heard there is some type of foam clay out you do not have to use the oven..I thought it was done with but some one recently suggested it...Art supply store may have something similar..Joanns tends to put the clay on sale for .99 cents... Oh and I use tin foil and make a little tray to put my stuff in the oven so you so you do not have to use your cook ware.. On my blog there are some pictures some where of some of the hooks I have sent out.. Also I will say it will take a bit to knead some of the types of clay..So I tend to to take a night and knead the colors and put them in a sealed baggy until I will use them.. (talk about hand cramps..lol) Ok I am blaa blaa bla ing... Good luck
  16. Ummmm I received my package, I did not see the change on page one.. I thought for sure I sent you an email...Ahh well so sorry if I did not... But nice packages ladies!!! I wish I had a doggie...
  17. I remember my first swap and I still get the same feeling now...Even when I just give a gift...I have been told nice things,but Gesh I can not take a compliment... I love anything my swap partner gives me.. It is the joy of receiving something some made just for you and only you,it is such a great feeling... I also like looking for things for my partner,The same way it is lots of fun... Just breath, I am sure it will be a double pleasure for your partner knowing it was your first swap...
  18. totally love those, I wish I had the quite time to make something like that.
  19. Gesh dang smart phone !I have tried to post pictures but it will not work ... well the pictures are up on my blog .. again thank you so very much Wrennie. the ferrets loved the tunnels it did take them a few minutes ...LOL I looked through the magazines and I am for sure going to do the kitty one..and wowo,the denim book,I love to redo clothes so this is great. :hug:hug:hook:)
  20. Just a quick note for the moment then later when all is quite inthe house(kids sleeping) I will try to use dh phone to post the pics I took Of THE GrEaT PaCkagE I REicIevEd TODaY!!!!!!!!!! I am like sooooo happy.... The tubes rock wrennie!!!!!!! Our little babies are sleeping they wake up later to come out..... I can not wait!!!!!! Well THanK YOu!!!!!! Thank you so much I feel very spoiled. I can not wait to flip through the magazines... Ohh my goodness they are just what I need. I take care of my neice on Tuesdays so it has been crazy here also having a bad woman day,and Wednesdays are appointment day for dh and I... Sooooooo again perfect timing and such a surprise..Ty soo I will be back later with more details. Thank u again so much wrennie!
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