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Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a hat pattern with the Transformers logo (autobot, not decepticon) on it. I want to make one for Christmas for my nephew (6 yrs) but haven't had any luck. Or maybe if someone would like to share their pattern that would be awesome.


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I'm not aware of any officially licensed Transformer crochet patterns.


Since these characters are trademarked/copyrighted, in order to legally distribute a pattern featuring their name/likeness (whether for sale or for free), the designer/publisher would need to get permission from the copyright/trademark owner. This usually involves very expensive licensing arrangements that cost more than the designer could ever hope to make back through pattern sales. This is why you see very few licensed patterns.


Some people do choose to make unlicensed patterns available. But to avoid any issues related to contributory trademark/copyright infringement, Crochetville can't allow any links to, discussion of, or hints at how to find unlicensed patterns.


I know you didn't ask for any information about unlicensed patterns. :) But this general question comes up so frequently about a wide variety of popular characters, I like to use such opportunities to remind everyone about our guidelines.

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