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blocking wool poncho / wrap



I made my mother a poncho/wrap (not sure what to call it) started it out as a sweater and didn't quite make it. Anyway - the ends are slightly curled and i've never blocked something....i'm not sure what's done? :bang I don't want to put an iron on it - because its wool (LB Wool Ease Chunky) also has boucle and chenille woven in? Any tips or thoughts out there? Thanks!



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Guest SamplerLady

Blocking wool can easily be done with a steam iron. Pin it down the way you want it as a finished product and use the steam, not the iron, to heat up the wool well. Just steam. Don't put the iron on it or move it around. Now, what is the fiber content of the boucle and the chenille? If there is any acrylic in them, don't use the steam as it will kill the stretch in acrylic. You'll need to research the fiber content and find what kind of heat can be used with all three of them.

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